Thursday, August 27, 2015

Auriga the Charioteer

The skies have been quite smokey during the past few weeks here in northern Utah, so I am showcasing some of the images I took in February of this year in the constellation Auriga. Auriga hangs high over head in the winter mounts, and contains some of the sky's best open clusters. There are a few emission nebula as well.

 Messier 37 one of the brighter and richest open clusters in Auriga.
 Messier 36, a open cluster with fewer members, but impressive in a telescope
 NGC 1931 emission-reflection nebula of glowing cloud of hydrogen gas with a small star cluster in the center
 NGC 2281 another open star cluster in Auriga
NGC 1778 Open cluster, with fewer members.
 NGc 1857 another open cluster with a bright star near the center
 NGC 1778 Open Cluster

 NGC 1907 an open cluster with a condensed center
NGC 2126 Open cluster with an impressive bright star.

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